Wedding Ideas ~ Your Journey :: Your Story

Every Bride is always looking for unique wedding ideas. This was just too cute of a wedding idea not to share I picked up at Tanna & Chris’s Wedding. Very often wedding guests will know either the Bride or the Groom, but rarely do they know both. This fun crafted map of each of their lives, how their paths crossed and led them to their wedding day was given to each guest as they were seated for the ceremony. A great way for them to pass the time while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Check out Tanna & Chris’s sweet story.

Some of you DIY Brides or artsy girls could probably pull this one off. Tanna enlisted an artist, Janet Herbert whom she found on Etsy. You could also do this as a placemat for a rehearsal dinner as well. The sky is the limit for what you could do with this fun wedding idea. What other ways can you share to use a map of your lives for your wedding day?

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