Christmas Memories

We have a Christmas Eve tradition of making homemade pizza and our oldest daughter, Tori pleads to unwrap one gift. We followed suit this year, but of all things…our kids wanted to watch a video Christmas Card we had made from 1995 (this was just prior to us starting our business in 1996). We all had some good laughs looking back at the memories and thought we would share just a short piece of our kids and a neighbor girl caroling. We hope you can reflect back this year on some of your family’s Christmas memories too.

We cherish our memories of those fun filled days.  Sixteen years later they are all grown up and we have even added a son by marriage. We are so very proud of them all!

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!



  1. Cathy Robertson says:

    Trish and Mark-Your family is beautiful and here’s hoping your holiday was blessed! I gave your name to a friend of mine whose daughter is marrying in April, so she may call you.Her name is Jana Hallman. If she looks at your website she will definitly call; I can’t wait for Stephen and David to get married so we can use you! Scott is already married with one year old twins. Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love, Cathy

  2. Sherri says:

    The hand over the mouth & Megan screaming made me laugh out loud! They created some great memories in that cul de sac. Channing still needs Megan to pick up after! It’s Saturday morning & the room still needs cleaned…….

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