Rehearsal Dinner Photos + Video

A wedding photographer once shared she had rehearsal dinner coverage as an option to her wedding photography package. I had to smile and say, I could see some benefit in that, but then I asked her a little question. “What do they normally do at your rehearsal dinners?” To which she quickly replied, “Have dinner and then friends and family share stories and toasts to the Bride and Groom.” Then I asked the big question, “How will they ever hear those stories and toasts from your photographs?” She smiled and said, “they won’t, they should have a videographer so they can listen to them again and again for the rest of their lives.”

I love photography and it gives us beautiful glimpses of a moment in time. But you will never hear Grandma’s poem written for your wedding rehearsal dinner or Dad’s heartwarming toast from your photographs. A video of your rehearsal dinner offers a unique experience giving you the opportunity to relive the emotions and the words that were spoken for years to come.

Take a peek at some sweet moments we captured at Lesley & Sean’s Rehearsal Dinner. From her Dad & Brother’s heartwarming rehearsal dinner speeches welcoming Sean to their family, to the fun newlywed game from the Bride’s two Aunts, these are moments captured on video of their fun loving family that a photograph could never capture.


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