She Said “Yes” | Surprise Marriage Proposal

We love marriage proposal stories, so we thought we would let you take a peek at our daughter’s surprise marriage proposal two years ago today.

Micah wanted to surprise Tori, but being a family guy, he wanted all the families to be there to share in the excitement. As parents of the Bride to be, we were thrilled to see it happen in front of our eyes. All five grandparents commented on what a privilege it was to be there to share in the memorable moment in the lives of their grandchildren. We followed up with a surprise engagement party as more friends came to help celebrate the marriage proposal. We gained a great son in law on this deal and Micah has been a great addition to our family.

Someday, Micah & Tori’s children can see how Daddy asked Mommy to marry him and she said, “YES!”

Sweet Memories ~ Mark + Trisha

Take a peek at the proposal video!

PS ~ We are always available to secretly film marriage proposals. Feel free to share your proposal story below.


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