Wedding Favor Idea to Spice It Up

We have seen lots of wedding favors, but this one was so cute, I had to share it.
The Bride had prepared cute little gift bags with a shabby chic container of her favorite BBQ rub for each wedding guest.

But there was also a letter in the bag, which included the recipe for the Bride’s BBQ rub and a small request for each wedding guest to share a few of their favorite recipes with the Bride & Groom. They had enclosed a stamped (already addressed) envelope and four recipe cards to make it easy for each guest to accommodate the Bride & Groom’s request.

I too love to cook and cherish some of my recipes that have been passed down to me by the great cooks of our friends and family. New Brides are always looking for good recipes and what a wonderful way to begin their recipe collection. Thanks for the sweet wedding favor, Krystina. I hope you make lots of great memories cooking all those yummy recipes for Montgomery. ~ Trisha {the cook} + Mark {the eater}

If you have any other fun wedding favor ideas, feel free to share below.



  1. Karrie says:

    What a super idea – LOVE it. Can you imagine how much fun the bride will have even just reading the recipes and then trying them out. This is the stuff that memories are made of – thanks for sharing!

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