Wedding Idea with Vinyl Records

We recently came across a fun wedding idea at Megann & Troy’s Oklahoma City wedding. They are big music lovers, and wanted to incorporate that into their wedding day. So they put their engagement photos on the center of vinyl records and placed them on the guest book table with some gold & silver pens for guest to write their best wishes. What a clever wedding idea and oh so fun too. Guests had a great time giving their best wishes to the Bride & Groom.

After the wedding Megann & Troy plan to frame the vinyl records to display them in their home as a special remembrance of their wedding day. Hats off to Megann & Troy for this cool wedding idea. Check back tomorrow as we share their wedding highlight.



  1. mark baas says:

    i love the idea with the vinyl disks for the wedding!.
    it’s a very nice memory.
    so i’m planning to do this for my sisters wedding.
    can you give me any advice on what kind of pen i have to use?
    because not everything will write on vinyl.
    and do i need to treat them with something afterwards? so the writing doesn’t come off?
    my thanks in advance.
    with kind regards
    Mark Baas, The netherlands

    • Mark+Trisha says:

      Hi Mark
      They used a pen that had a paint to it, so when you pressed down to write the paint flowed through the pen. You could also try a sharpie colored marker as well. Best wishes to your sister for her upcoming wedding. ~Trisha VL

  2. Kimberly Jefferson says:


  3. jodie berson says:

    i love this idea and want to use it for my son’s music themed bar mitzvah. how did they display them and i see they framed them afterwards but any other ideas on how to store them?

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