Happy Birth Mother’s Day

To all those Birth Mothers who chose to give the gift of life… Happy Birth Mother’s Day!

Many things have touched our hearts over the years, filming wedding and events, but the story above touched our hearts in a very special way…

We had filmed Ben & Kaila’s wedding several years ago. Their highlight ranks as one of our favorites and was an International Award Winner. After not being able conceive a child, they made the decision to adopt. Through some friends they came in contact with Circle of Love in Wichita, KS. A Birth Mother, Megan, from Circle of Love came across their profile and chose them to adopt her unborn twins.

Yes, twins, a boy & a girl! Ben & Kaila were thrilled to begin this adoption journey to becoming parents. More importantly, their wedding film was such a treasure to them, they wanted a film of their adoption journey as well to one day share with their twins. This is just the first in a series of videos sharing a portion of their story. This one they wanted to be for the express purpose of showing their love and appreciation for their Birth Mother, Megan.

Meagan touched our hearts as we met her on delivery day at the hospital. She gave Ben & Kaila an amazing gift, the gift of children. I must say, it wasn’t the easy way. It took great courage to and strength to carry this pregnancy to full term, but she felt it was best for those two precious lives she brought into this world.

Today is Birth Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate Meagan and all Birth Mothers who choose to place their unborn children with a loving family through adoption. I must say, it is one of the most sacrificial acts of love a Birth Mother can do for her unborn child. Today and every day we salute Birth Mothers for choosing to give life!



  1. P. jacobsen says:

    Thanks for sharing such a tender family love story. Some how I want to volunteer with your ministry Mark &Trisha . Another beautiful story forever told on video, loved it!
    Patty J.

  2. Ben and Kaila Anderson says:

    Mark and Trisha,

    Your ministry has positively impacted our lives. You did more than capture our wedding. You so carefully produced the story of our union that it has become an important tool in continually strengthening our relationship and encouraging other couples to make themselves accountable to their own vows. We often watch our video together.

    Now, you have done the same for our children and the woman who so selflessly and generously united us. Because of you, Meagan will be forever reminded of her precious value in the eyes of the Lord. Moreover, this video will tell to our children another romance story, a story of how they were loved from conception by their birth mother, their adoptive parents, and their Heavenly Father.

    You have our gratitude.

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