Addison + Sarah = True Love

Addison and Sarah are so fun and share some great stories of how they first met, came to “like” one another and ultimately fell in love. Combine all of that with an armadillo, homemade pizza made on a camping stove and a diamond ring, well you have a really wild proposal. And you have to hear about their first kiss too! Someday their kids are going to love hearing these stories. Addison & Sarah make a great team. Click play to laugh a lot and maybe wipe a tear or two listening to Addison & Sarah’s story of true love.



  1. Tricia says:

    Wow, you were right…I laughed, I teared up. It was a wonderfully put together video of two wonderful people who share a very special love. Thanks!!

  2. Uncle David says:

    I love both of you #BestWeddingEver

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