Sparkling OKC Wedding | Megann + Troy

Meinder’s Hall of Mirrors was sparkling for Megann & Troy’s OKC Wedding. Their wedding day began with some pampering as stylist & makeup artist, Malorie Avaline had Megann & her mom looking fabulous. Things got exciting when the big gold helium balloons arrived for the Bridesmaids to carry in lieu of flowers. Megann carried a silver and gold brooch bouquet by Hydrangea Floral rather than a traditional floral bouquet. Troy’s Mother presented him with a Hawaiian lei, as part of incorporating his Hawaiian heritage into the ceremony.

Glistening lights from Innovative Event Solutions made for a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. A a little flower girl scatter gold glitter and another carried a sign…Here Comes the Bride. Following cocktails & photos, it was time to party in the sparkling room lavished with beautiful linens and decor from Marianne’s Rentals. The Catering Connection gave the scrumptious dinner a fun island theme and the party was on!

What makes any wedding special is when the couple puts their personal touch on their wedding day and Megann & Troy left a beautiful impression of life, love & laughter on their wedding day.

Wedding Idea with Vinyl Records

We recently came across a fun wedding idea at Megann & Troy’s Oklahoma City wedding. They are big music lovers, and wanted to incorporate that into their wedding day. So they put their engagement photos on the center of vinyl records and placed them on the guest book table with some gold & silver pens for guest to write their best wishes. What a clever wedding idea and oh so fun too. Guests had a great time giving their best wishes to the Bride & Groom.

After the wedding Megann & Troy plan to frame the vinyl records to display them in their home as a special remembrance of their wedding day. Hats off to Megann & Troy for this cool wedding idea. Check back tomorrow as we share their wedding highlight.

Wedding Favor Idea to Spice It Up

We have seen lots of wedding favors, but this one was so cute, I had to share it.
The Bride had prepared cute little gift bags with a shabby chic container of her favorite BBQ rub for each wedding guest.

But there was also a letter in the bag, which included the recipe for the Bride’s BBQ rub and a small request for each wedding guest to share a few of their favorite recipes with the Bride & Groom. They had enclosed a stamped (already addressed) envelope and four recipe cards to make it easy for each guest to accommodate the Bride & Groom’s request.

I too love to cook and cherish some of my recipes that have been passed down to me by the great cooks of our friends and family. New Brides are always looking for good recipes and what a wonderful way to begin their recipe collection. Thanks for the sweet wedding favor, Krystina. I hope you make lots of great memories cooking all those yummy recipes for Montgomery. ~ Trisha {the cook} + Mark {the eater}

If you have any other fun wedding favor ideas, feel free to share below.

Our Love Story

June 26th marks two anniversaries for us as a couple. So we thought we would share a bit of our love story.

Thirty years ago today, we sat at this pinic table at Scovill Park in Decatur, Illinois and exchanged class rings. We had dated off and on prior to this, but this was the final commitment we would make prior to becoming engaged. We were young, Mark was 16 going to be a junior in high school and I was 17 going to be a senior in high school that fall. We had known in our hearts for sometime we had found our lifetime partner. This is a photo of us back around that time period.


So once we got engaged a little over a year and half later, we knew what day we would get married on… June 26, 1984. When we looked at the calendar to see what day it was…well it was a Tuesday. My Mom said, “people don’t get married on Tuesday, we need to move it to a Saturday”. But we both insisted June 26th held such a special place in our relationship and that would be the day we committed our lives to one another. So here we are on our wedding day. You can see pink has been with us since the beginning.

Is it any wonder why we enjoy filming weddings so much? Being a part of a couple’s and for that matter a family’s wedding day when two become one is an honor and such a joy. We also enjoy keeping up with our couples and seeing their families grow, knowing we were there to see it all begin.

Our marriage has been and continues to be a great adventure. We value and treasure our marriage and are quick to say having God at the center of our relationship has been the stabilizing force to stay the course. So many have set great examples of marriage for us to follow and we hope to do the same for all the generations to follow us as well.

Over the years we have learned, a great marriage takes a lot of WORK and effort by both spouses to always put the other before yourself. We purpose to never go to bed angry. We have committed to never put the other down verbally (we even avoid it in jest :: words are powerful!). And “I’m sorry, will you please forgive me,” is a big part of our vocabulary. But most importantly we have committed to love, honor and cherish one another and keep God at the center of our lives.

We thank God everyday for bring us together and we look forward to sharing many more anniversaries to come.

Celebrating 28 years of wedded bliss! ~Mark +Trisha

Big Announcement

With all of our children all grown up, our oldest daughter Tori, is married, our son lives at Dry Gulch, finding time to get everyone together can be quite a challenge. Well Saturday night we all met for dinner at one of our Tulsa favorites. We have two birthdays coming this week, so our oldest daughter Tori presented Megan (our youngest daughter) with a gift bag to open at the dinner table. Out popped a package with two pacifiers. Yes, Tori & Micah are expecting their first baby. Our first grandchild! It was quite the surprise. We are thrilled and excited.



Everywhere we go everyone is always asking us, if we are grandparents yet? Well it is official and we are! This little bundle of joy should arrive sometime in February if all the calculations are correct. Boy or Girl? ¬†Well I think there is a baby reveal video in our future. Stayed tuned….we look forward to sharing a bit of this wonderful family adventure.

The Von Lanken Atherton Crew :: Left to Right Megan, Trisha, Tori, Micah, Mark & Matthew.