Documentary Style ~ Bridal Movie

If you are looking for a great documentation of  your wedding day, consider our Bridal Movie service. A professional documentation of your wedding day, just as it happened.

  • Good solid shooting by our team of professional videographers.
  • The Bridal Movies have one camera person for preparations and the reception.
  • You have the option to add a second camera for your ceremony.
  • We select the music used within your wedding movie based on your wedding day.
  • Brides often add the highlight, to share with their family & friends online.

Check out a two camera Bridal Movie Highlight.

Here is a one camera Bridal Movie Highlight.

Check out our Cinematic Style or visit our Video Gallery for more Wedding inspiration!

To insure the quality any style you desire be sure to view a complete wedding of the videographer you decide to retain for your wedding day. Contact us and we would be happy share complete films with you as well as pricing information.