Romance Mystery Spoof | Anden + Brandon

The many faces of the Dateline Invesitgator, for this Dateline Romance Mystery telling how Anden & Brandon, grew up, met and fell in love to always stay together… and that’s no bull!

Dateline-Romance-Mystery-Spoof Investigator

If you love to watch Dateline Mysteries, click play to watch Anden & Brandon’s Dateline Romance Mystery spoof. Yes, this is a fun spoof! Anden’s Mom told her daughter, the sweet Bride to be, they were just going to play a simple growing up video for their rehearsal dinner. Well it was a little more than just a few growing up photos. Guests loved it. So much so they also played it at the wedding reception too. Hat’s off to Anden’s parents for pulling off this great surprise for the Bride and Groom.

Click play and share a laugh or two.

I must say the Bride’s parents took this so called “Growning Up Presentation” to a new level. The day we filmed this Anden’s parents told us they had thought they might record this on their iPhone. Somehow wedding planner, Camden Chitwood of Emerson Events suggested they might want to contact us for a little assistance. To give credit where credit is due, Anden’s Mom, Carla wrote the entire script. I must say, she has a way with words. And Anden’s Dad, Calvin was recruited to be the “Dateline Investigator” of this romance mystery. He did a great job on his first acting debut. Now, I cannot vouch that all of the story is true or maybe embellished a bit, that too shall remain a bit of a mystery.

Anden, how could you be so lucky to have such fun parents? I think your parents enjoyed making this special surprise for you and Brandon as much if not more than you enjoyed watching it. May your families enjoy watching your “Dateline Romance Mystery” laughing and reminiscing all these wonderful memories for many years to come! ~Mark + Trisha

All music used within this project was licensed from following sources including, Audio Jungle, Smart Sound, Premium Beat, The Music Bed and Triple Scoop Music.

A Birth Story | Isabella Kate


Oh, how we love weddings, but lately several of our couples have come back asking for us to capture the birth of their new arrivals. Kati and Orie are one of those couples. Well, I, Trisha film the births, and I must say it is an awesome experience to share with a family.

Happy Birthday, Isabella Kate! A year ago today, I filmed your wonderful birth story. Your Mommy was a trooper delivering you with no epidural. Breathing through all those hard contractions, of which there were many, with your Daddy right their by her side encouraging her all the way. When you appeared, she and your Daddy were all smiles and your Gema was cheering too. They were so excited to see their little girl, their princess Bella. The room quickly filled with family to catch a glimpse of you. Your big Brother, Hudson was so excited to meet you, he quickly leaned over and gave you a kiss. I get a little teary eyed watching this video of all your family coming to meet you for the first time, thinking of what a treasure this will be to you over the course of your lifetime. Your Mommy so thoughtfully had the cutest girly gift bags to give all your visitors thanking them for coming to welcome your arrival.

Your birth was filled with wonder and lots of love for you little princess Bella! Click play to view Isabella Kate’s birth story…

Addison + Sarah = True Love

Addison and Sarah are so fun and share some great stories of how they first met, came to “like” one another and ultimately fell in love. Combine all of that with an armadillo, homemade pizza made on a camping stove and a diamond ring, well you have a really wild proposal. And you have to hear about their first kiss too! Someday their kids are going to love hearing these stories. Addison & Sarah make a great team. Click play to laugh a lot and maybe wipe a tear or two listening to Addison & Sarah’s story of true love.

Wedding Video Invitation | Matt + Anna

Well, our son is tying the knot and we couldn’t be happier as we are gaining a wonderful daughter, Anna. We were excited when Anna said she was up for a wedding video invitation to invite guests to their wedding. Their guests have been a bit surprised receiving a DVD in their mailboxes rather than a traditional wedding invitation. We had a good time putting this one together as Matthew is quite the ham for the camera. We might be missing a few of his motor vehicles he regularly rides but not many. Click play to take a peek at their wedding “video” invitation.

We can now say, we have been the Bride, the Groom, Parents of the Bride and now Parents of the Groom! We can truly relate to our clients and all that goes into the wedding planning experience. It will be two married and one to go for our family! Mark jokingly told Megan we are on a three year plan and not to make any marriage plans until 2016. We will let you know how that goes.


Adoption Story | David + Naomi

Adopting babies is such a beautiful experience, one we had the opportunity to share with one of our former Bride & Groom. We filmed their wedding a little over five years ago. So, when they made the decision to adopt, they gave us a call saying they wanted us to document their adoption story just like we did their wedding day.


This was probably one of the most emotional events we have ever captured. One that so touched our hearts very deeply. Ben & Kaila, the adoptive parents stressed the importance of portraying the twins Birth Mother as a hero, who chose to give her children life with an adoptive family. We saw the love of this Birth Mother for her children and the difficult road she walked to give them life and a precious adoptive family.


We had a few false alarms as Ben & Kaila were adopting twins and the Birth Mother would deliver about two and a half hours away from both us & the adoptive parents. We were all on call to make a quick trip to the hospital the last month of her pregnancy. It’s a little after 12:00am and we get the call, saying the Birth Mother’s water had broken and it was a race to make it for the birth for all of us. Well, we made it just in the nick of time and we got to be right there in the midst of it all. Click play to share in this very special adoption story of David & Naomi.

This adoption was lovingly facilitated by Circle of Love a ministry helping pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and beyond. They offer support and love to all who share in this circle of love.