Addison + Sarah = True Love

Addison and Sarah are so fun and share some great stories of how they first met, came to “like” one another and ultimately fell in love. Combine all of that with an armadillo, homemade pizza made on a camping stove and a diamond ring, well you have a really wild proposal. And you have to hear about their first kiss too! Someday their kids are going to love hearing these stories. Addison & Sarah make a great team. Click play to laugh a lot and maybe wipe a tear or two listening to Addison & Sarah’s story of true love.

Surprise Von Marriage Proposal


Oh, how our family is growing these days! Our son, Matthew plotted out his surprise marriage proposal to his girlfriend Anna a few weeks ago. When she came home from work to find her living room decorated in candles and flower petals. She had not a clue, even with all the tadoo that Matthew was going to propose. We secretly hid cameras in her apartment to catch the proposal on film. But that was just the beginning of her surprises, following the proposal they stopped by our home to find both families anxiously awaiting them, followed up with a little engagement party with friends later that evening. We are thrilled to welcome and Anna and her family as a part of ours and look forward to many more family memories to come.

Click play to see the SURPRISE!

Special thank to Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery, we couldn’t do an engagement party without you!

Comedy Club Marriage Proposal


Proposing to the one you love is no laughing matter, but Jake took his girlfriend to the Looney Bin Comedy Club for a fun Saturday night celebrating St. Patricks Day (just a day early). Well there was some significance to the day, you see Jake had met Keri Ann seven years ago to the day, he was asking her to marry him. Jake also invited some family and friends along to enjoy the evening too. Little did Keri Ann know, he had been making plans with the club owner to surprise her with a marriage proposal at the end of the comedy act. It came off without a hitch and she said, “Yes!”

Click play to share in the excitement, everyone did a great job pulling this one off and Jake almost wrote his wedding vows with this marriage proposal. Wishing Jake & Keri Ann a lifetime of love & happiness! ~Mark + Trisha

Will You Marry My Daddy

This Groom to be, Seth had been plotting his proposal for quite some time and this past weekend he carried out his surprise marriage proposal.

It truly warmed our hearts when Seth wanted to included his daughter and his future wife’s three children in his proposal for marriage. He wanted it to be a family affair, and the kids kept it a secret, Wow! They all knew what was going to happen and what their part was and all kept the secret, even the 4 1/2 year old! We were so impressed! You just have to click play because Tricia never knew it was coming. She thought they were taking family photos and was she surprised when she turned to see the kids with their signs held high saying “Will You Marry my Daddy?” Best part was when she said yes, well they broke out in Seth & Tricia’s favorite song! Oh so fun!

Every marriage proposal we capture touches our hearts and is such a joy to give them this wonderful memory. May this be the beginning of many wonderful family memories for this beautiful family! ~Mark + Trisha

She Said “Yes” | Surprise Marriage Proposal

We love marriage proposal stories, so we thought we would let you take a peek at our daughter’s surprise marriage proposal two years ago today.

Micah wanted to surprise Tori, but being a family guy, he wanted all the families to be there to share in the excitement. As parents of the Bride to be, we were thrilled to see it happen in front of our eyes. All five grandparents commented on what a privilege it was to be there to share in the memorable moment in the lives of their grandchildren. We followed up with a surprise engagement party as more friends came to help celebrate the marriage proposal. We gained a great son in law on this deal and Micah has been a great addition to our family.

Someday, Micah & Tori’s children can see how Daddy asked Mommy to marry him and she said, “YES!”

Sweet Memories ~ Mark + Trisha

Take a peek at the proposal video!

PS ~ We are always available to secretly film marriage proposals. Feel free to share your proposal story below.