Exchanging Gifts On Our Wedding Day

Have you thought about exchanging gifts on your wedding day?

Just after Erin slipped into her wedding gown, her Dad came in with a special delivery from her Groom, Matt. As she opened her gift from Matt, there wasn’t a dry eye in the bride’s room filled with girls in pink dresses. Matt received his gift prior to the ceremony as well and was pleasantly surprised. You will have to watch and see how much of his letter he shared with his buddies.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate gift shared on the wedding day, but you might consider taking time to write down your thoughts on a card to your future wife or husband…it will be a gift she or he will always treasure. It is also a good idea to let your photographer and videographer know so they can capture these special moments giving you the opportunity to see their reaction. There is just something special about expressing your feelings in writing to the one you love on your wedding day. So start writing your wedding day love letter. ~Mark + Trisha

Cinematic Wedding Film Preparations

Oklahoma Wedding Videography

The preparations segment of our cinematic wedding films captures the special moments and the excitement of both the Bride & the Groom as they are getting ready on their wedding day. Moments most couples would never see without a wedding video. Chaille and Mark had some very sweet, sentimental wedding ideas I thought I would share. They were married at her parents home in Clinton, Oklahoma.

They displayed photos of their Grandparents in their younger years. Chaille & Mark married on the same day as Chaille’s fraternal Grandparents and displayed their marriage license from 1929. Chaille also had a hair piece for her maternal Grandmother’s veil on their wedding photograph.

Chaille’s nieces were her flowers girls and each had a personalize embroidered slip, what a sweet keepsake (pictured on the left). Chaille’s Mother had made two ring bearer pillows, with one for the Bride’s ring and her name is embroidered at the top and one for the Groom’s ring with his name as well.

Listen as Chaille’s Father tells the humble beginnings of his parents over 82 years ago to begin this cinematic wedding film preparations. We finish out as Chaille’s Mother prays God’s blessing over her daughter for her wedding day. “sniff…”

Chaille’s wedding gift to her Groom on their wedding day.
Sometimes it’s the simple gifts that mean so much.

Wedding Moments…you don’t want to miss!

When a Bride slips into her wedding dress is one of my favorite moments of the day.
It is a moment worth reliving and one the groom does not get to see.
In the comfort of home, Crystal had such a great time getting ready with her bridal party for her wedding day, while Jesse, her Groom was preparing to meet his Bride. Dad caught his first glimpse of his daughter in her gown just before the first look with her Groom.

On this warm afternoon, things started to heat up just a bit when there was a problem with the air conditioning unit that was to cool the tent for the wedding. One of the groomsmen saved the day by repairing the unit just minutes before guests began arriving. Moments like these happen once in a lifetime, may your family treasure these memories for years to come.

Wedding Day Preparations

Emotions are often running high in anticipation of meeting the love of your life at the end of the aisle on your wedding day.  The hours leading up to your ceremony are always full of special moments worthy of capturing to remember for years to come.