Honoring Fallen Heroes

Memorial Day is set aside to honor all those who given their life while serving in our military. My grandfather was one of those great men in uniform who gave his life serving our country. My grandma always said he died doing what he loved. We say thank you to the Fallen Heroes and especially to those they have left behind. We have such great respect for those men and women in uniform and also their families.

Five years ago we produced this video for the Broken Arrow Blue Star Mothers honoring our local military. This year they requested we updated the video to add more local soldiers who had given their lives while serving since the video was produced. I must say, it is heart wrenching to see the Fallen Hero’s segment honoring the Fallen Military and their families knowing they made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. If your family has paid the ultimate sacrifice, on this Memorial Day we honor you and your Fallen Hero. And to those who are serving, we also say Thank You! We pray for God’s wisdom and protection to surround all our soldiers. God Bless America!