Depart In Style on Your Wedding Day

Wondering on how to depart your wedding? We thought we would share a few of our favorite past wedding exits.

An idea we often toss out for Brides to consider is having a grand departure following your ceremony at the church. It can make for great photos & video on your wedding day with your picturesque church as a backdrop. It also allows everyone who attends to your wedding to participate in your departure as you run through the crowd.

Very often, your car can circle around the block as guests depart for the reception and you can make your way back to the church to finish out the photos.

A limousine, classic car… For all our Oklahoma City Brides check out King’s Limousine. If you are in for having a classic car, they have the beautiful vintage white Jaguar (one of our favorites). They also have some great Limousine options as well. We have rented the Mercedes Limo bus decked with the big flat screen TV, great for transporting your Bridal Party. We love the fact that you can always count on them to be there with professional drivers ready to take you safely to your destination.

Exciting Wedding Send Off Ideas

Looking for some wedding send off ideas? We have seen many great wedding send offs and thought we would share a few fun ideas for those planning their weddings and looking for some wedding send off inspiration.

Check out Jennifer & Chris’s wedding send off with guests waving glow sticks as they made their run for a hellicopter at the Gaillardia Country Club.  Watch the video below of the spectacular departure from this OKC Wedding.

Bells were ringing as this couple did their grand send off from the church before heading off to their reception.
:: Bell Wedding Tip :: Having a send off from the church makes a beautiful photo at the church. It also allows for everyone attending the wedding to participate, as when you do a send off at the end of the reception, your crowd can begin to twindle in size. This way everyone can enjoy the big moment. Often the couple hops into the get away vehicle, drives around the block, allowing guests to make their way to the reception and the couple circles back around to finish off their photo session. We have also seen bells placed on outdoor ceremony chairs to ring when the couple kiss and are introduced as husband & wife too.

Lauren & Austin ran through sparklers for a fun wedding send off from Southern Hills Country Club.
:: Sparkler Wedding Tip :: When using sparklers…get long ones (I think they are rated by how long they will burn, three minutes is good.) Short ones just burn out too fast, this allows for everyone to get them lighted before you run.  Also if the venue you are using has an over hang, have guests line up outside the over hang to allow the smoke to rise. Otherwise you will be running through a cloud of smoke. Also a bucket of sand or water for guests to deposit their sticks following the send off makes for an easy clean up.

Erin and Matt ran through a sea of rose petals at the Skirvin Hotel for their departure in one of King’s Limo’s classic cars. ::  Flower Petal Wedding Tip :: For petals, have person passing out the petals to inform the guests to throw the petals up above your heads to allow them to float back down, rather than throwing them directly at you. The floating back down makes for beautiful photos and video. We have also seen petals thrown at the close of ourdoor ceremonies as the couple exited down the aisle.


Spinning Pinwheels can make for a fun alternative for a wedding send off. 


Stephen & Laura were running fast through the colorful poppers for their wedding send off. :: Streamer Wedding Tip :: We have seen the big silver streamers specifically made for weddings used. If so, have a LARGE area to shoot them off, or shoot them up and let them fall. We have seen a Bride & Groom be entangled to the point of almost not being able to move. Not so fun…


Kati & Orie ran through the falling snow for January wedding send off from the Marland Mansion. The snow machine from Innovative Event Solutions was installed on the two vintage lights in the photo. It was so romantic.


Laura & Jon’s guests had a great time waving the streamers for their wedding send off as the couple ran carrying a parasol from Jane Kelly Weddings and Parties.

We have also seen helium balloons released, lavendar thrown (oh… it smells so good too) and fireworks displayed, with horse drawn carriages, motorcycles, and golf carts for wedding send offs. Whatever you choose for your wedding send off, let it be a reflection of your wedding style to close out an unforgettable wedding day.  We would love for you to share your wedding send off ideas.

Here’s to Your Wedding Send Off ~ Mark + Trisha

Winter Wedding at the Marland Mansion

This winter Wedding Day Edit from the Marland Mansion just sparkles with fun and excitement. Kati has such sweet smile and loves life to the fullest. Swinging her round on the dance floor with even more enthusiasm is Orie. We admired their personal vows and how they placed God at the center of their marriage. The Wedding Belle did amazing job pulling all the details together to make this a fairy tale winter wedding. They are off to an amazing start as husband & wife. We wowed their guests this Wedding Day Edit to close out their magical wedding day!

Hit play to catch a glimpse of their wedding day!

Wedding Planner & Designer :: The Wedding Belle
Venue :: Marland Mansion
Gown :: Meg Guess Couture
Make Up Artist | Special Event Make Up by Jennifer McLaughlin
Floral :: Hydrangea Floral
Ice Sclupture :: Ideas In Ice
Catering :: Cheever’s Catering
Rentals :: Marianne’s Rentals
Lighting :: Innovative Event Solutions
Cakes :: Mishelle Handy Cakes
Entertainment :: Box Talent & Wade Tower
Photography :: Lynn Timmons Photography
Videography :: Von Wedding Films