High Definition for Wedding Videography

This year more than ever we have had the question arise, Do you shoot in HD?”
Which is a great question Bride & Grooms should be asking their potential wedding videographer.

Without being overly technical and trying our best to keep this practical & useful for those looking for wedding videography here is the gist. When we use the initials HD it will stand for High Definition.  High Definition Video currently offer two levels  1080 {1920×1080} and 720 {1280×720}.

At Von Wedding Films, we have been filming and editing all of our weddings in HD {High Definition} since 2007, giving our clients a much higher quality wedding video.

But just because a wedding videographer films in HD doesn’t mean they deliver in HD. Filming in HD is good, but that is just half of the equation. When you get your wedding filmed in HD but delivered on a DVD, the overall quality of the video has been degraded and is no longer HD. It is now considered SD meaning Standard Definition or 720 x 480 lines of resolution. In order to get the full benefit of the HD video, you need to get your wedding video delivered on a Blu Ray Disc or an HD computer file.

A Blu Ray Disc can only play on a Blu Ray player or a Playstation3.  An HD computer file can be played on an iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, computer or media player.

We highly encourage all our clients to consider at least one Blu Ray {HD delivery} for archival purposes and to protect their invest for years to come. In our lifetime, we have seen a wide range of video delivery options, and technology continues to improve. Why not get the best delivery option available to future proof your investment? We would much rather our clients be transferring their wedding video from a Blu Ray to the next kind of media many years from now from a Blu Ray over a DVD.

But what is the next wave of the future for storing your videos? Well it is your online cloud. Thus why we try our best to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients the HD computer file of their wedding video to store in their online cloud. For some parents, that could cause you to go tilt a bit. But for this generation, they are already storing their music, pictures & videos there now. Why not archive your wedding video on your online cloud too.

No matter how you get your wedding video, the HD gives you a much high quality you can enjoy for years to come.  Does HD matter to you? We would love to hear your thoughts.  Capturing life, love & laughter in HD! ~ Mark + Trisha

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net