Groom’s Cake Ideas

Looking for the perfect Groom’s cake for your husband to be?  I thought we would share just a few unique Groom’s Cake ideas we have seen at weddings.

Fun Facts about Groom’s Cakes:

  • Ninety nine percent of the groom’s cakes we see are chocolate.
  • A lot of the Brides keep the Groom’s Cake as a surprise for the Groom.
  • The Groom’s cake can be a reflection of the Groom’s interests or hobbies.
  • The Groom’s chocolate cake is always popular with guests.
  • All these cool creative cakes came from Mishelle Handy Cakes in Oklahoma City (except for one)
  • Mishelle Handy has the best chocolate cake we have ever had at a wedding.
    (that’s coming from over 15 years of filming weddings and eating cake)


Christina WOWed Jerry with his AT & T Park Home of the San Fransisco Giants Baseball, even the lights worked.


Tanna an OU Sooner married Zach an OSU Cowboy, who was a true Sports fan!
This sports cake came from a Baker in Pampa, TX



Maybe you have a Video Gamer for a Groom, all the guys loved Nick’s Groom’s Cake at his wedding.












Katie was Orie’s life long catch for this fisherman on his wedding day.












Tori gave Micah a nice deer rack for his Groom’s cake since their wedding fell on the opening weekend of deer season.  Even had a few shells to spare.







Lesely & Sean were lovers of Cupcakes and Truffles!    They are soooo delicious!

Whatever Groom’s cake you choose, have your caterer back you a box of cake to take with you at the end of the night. You can have your cake and eat it too!